No ‘blue wave’ as POTUS Trump says GOP defied history with Senate wins

(National Sentinel2020: Okay, so Republicans lost their majority in the House. That happens. In fact, it always happens that the party in power loses congressional seats during midterm elections.

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But that’s all congressional seats. That didn’t happen in the Senate. In fact, the Republicans picked up seats in the upper chamber, adding to their majority and making it so that the president’s judicial picks will have an easier time getting confirmed.

Oh, and since all Democratic legislation has to go through the Senate even before it would reach POTUS’ veto pen, there’s that, too.

But the president pointed out on Wednesday that his party has something to be proud of, and that all is not lost as the 2020 elections now ‘semi-officially’ kick off.

“[L]ast night, the Republican Party defied history to expand our Senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the House for the midterm year,” the president said during an often-raucus 90-minute press conference.

“We did this in spite of a very dramatic fundraising disadvantage driven by Democrats’ wealthy donors and special interests and very hostile media coverage, to put it mildly. … We also had a staggering number of House retirements,” he added.

“So, it’s a little tough. These are seats that could have been held pretty easily, and we had newcomers going in, and a lot of them worked very hard, but it’s very difficult when you have that many retirements.”

Of note: The eight Republicans POTUS campaigned for who beat back Democratic challengers, some by narrow margins, owe their political lives to the president. That makes them solid allies — not Jeff Flake or Bob Corker RINOs — moving forward.

Regarding all of the GOP retirements, the president has a point there as well. Most of them weren’t solid supporters of his agenda anyway. Many were outright hostile to it — and to him. And what’s more, they probably believed the Left-wing media-generated “blue wave” nonsense that didn’t happen, figuring they’d be better off retiring than getting beat — and surely many of them would not have, given the power of incumbency.

Either way, the GOP is in good shape moving forward. The losses could have been much worse, and were it not for a popular president who can move election needles, they would have been.

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